Operation Policy

me2day Etiquette

me2day is an open area you share with other people to talk about your life and thoughts. Although you can’t see each other in person, users still need to treat others with respect and consideration in this online area we call me2day.

A message to all me2day users; please treat others with consideration and know your me2day etiquette.

Be considerate of other users who may see your posts when creating posts.

Posts created on me2day can be seen by all users who visit “My me2”. Don’t leave posts that may leave others embarrassed or unpleasant.

Give extra consideration when leaving comments.

Comments are written on other user’s posts, and viewed by users who don’t know who you are. Be more considerate of the user who wrote the original post and to other users.

Protect me2day’s under-aged subscribers and set an example for them.

me2day has many under-aged subscribers.
Let’s create a healthy me2day culture and pass it on to our younger friends.

Unsuitable posts/activities

All posts/activities that include the following information are defined as unsuitable posts/activities by me2day’s Terms and Conditions for Use, and by standards defined by the Korea Communications Standards Commission and the Commission on Youth Protection.

1. Illegal posts

  • Posts that glamorizes, recommends and encourages illegal activities.
  • Posts that glamorizes or provokes decadent activities, such as sexual abuse or drug taking.
  • Posts that solicits or suggests, induces or mediates others to commit murder.
  • Posts that depicts or glamorizes sex assault, including sexual violence and rape, graphically or in great detail.
  • Posts that seek targets for or mediates sexual activities, including prostitution, cyber sex or explicit sexual dialogue.
  • Posts that guides to, or mediates users to obscene information or locations to adult entertainment establishments.
  • Posts that contain illegal information on resident registration number generators, credit card generators and/or item generators.
  • Posts that sell or publicize illegal products to users.
  • Posts that include pictures of parts of other people’s bodies that were taken against their will and which may lead to sexual humiliation.
  • Posts that is used to distribute illegal hacking information.
  • Posts that include false or illegal information, such as illegal multilevel marketing activities and false reception.
  • Posts that provide links to other websites that contain illegal postings.
  • Posts that may lead to monetary transactions related to the human body, including the sales of ovum, organs or surrogate mothering.
  • Postings that glamorize or recommend suicide contain explicit descriptions of how to commit suicide and induce joint suicide.
  • Postings that encourage gambling.
  • Postings that include programs that impede users’ service environment, such as malicious codes or viruses, programs that interfere with the company’s business, such as search abusing, or those that recommend the installment of or distribute such programs.

2. Obscene posts / posts harmful to minors

  • Posts that include images that show male/female sexual organs, private parts, pubic hair or the anus, or images of people wearing transparent clothes, leading to the display of bare skin.
  • Posts that contain images of clothed people where an emphasis is placed on the male/female sexual organs or where the sexual organ’s outline or curves are revealed due to close range photography.
  • Posts that contain contents that directly portray sexual activities, including heterosexual or homosexual intercourse, oral sex or the fondling or genitals.
  • Posts that portray masturbation using bodily parts or sex toys.
  • Posts that include sounds that are made during sexual activities.
  • Posts that portray abnormal sexual activities, including sodomy, group sex or sexual torture.
  • Posts that portray children or teenagers as subjects of sexual entertainment.
  • Posts that depict male/female genitals in a degrading manner.
  • Posts that provide detailed description of inhumane sexual activities, including adultery or incest, or portray such information as entertainment.
  • Posts that provide a link to other websites that contain obscene contents.
  • Posts that disgust people by displaying excrements during urination, excrements stuck to the human body, semen or female menstruation.
  • Posts that include images that disgust others, such as that of a corpse, or a link to such images.
  • Posts that mediate activities that is not tolerated by social ethics, including swapping or co-habit.
  • Posts that contains contents undermining traditional family ethics such as injury, assault and murder of family members.
  • Posts that contain detailed information on how to make drugs that are harmful to minors and mediate and encourage the dosage, manufacture and use of such drugs.
  • Posts that may encourage unwholesome relationships with minors or mediate such relationships.

3. Posts that disclose personal information

  • Posts that contain information that can be used to identify an individual, such as resident registration number, passport number or numbers issued by organizations, without the consent from the individual.
  • Posts that contain personal information of an individual, including name, contact number, address and affiliation, without consent from the individual.

4. Posts that impede intellectual property rights

  • Posts that are used to duplicate, distribute and transfer products of an individual’s intellectual activity, including broadcasting material, music, books, mobile games, and cartoon, without approval from the intellectual property rights owner.
  • Posts used to duplicate, distribute and transfer videos that contain logos of broadcasters that do not allow the distribution of their program, or duplicate, distribute and transfer self-produced videos that contain partial duplicates of videos produced by such broadcasters.
  • Posts that contain unpermitted reproductions of posts from other cafes or websites.
  • Posts that encourage illegal duplications, such as free downloads, or provide links to illegal downloads.
  • Posts that sell duplicated CDs or provide serial numbers of genuine CDs.
  • Posts that publicize game free-servers or share website addresses.
  • Posts that contains contents that incapacitates technical protection measures the intellectual property owner prepared to protect his/her rights, such as sharing program that automatically generates CD keys, bugs or hack programs.
  • Posts that contain information that violates trademark rights, design rights or other rights owned by an individual without his/her permission.

5. Posts that aim to gain profit or for publicity

  • Posts that sells or promotes products that cannot be sold, or is restricted from being sold over the internet by law.
  • Posts that sells or solicits the sale of products the issuer has forbidden the resale of, including railroad passes and voucher that have a use limit.
  • Posts that technically/permanently generate monetary transactions or aids such transactions.

6. Activities that go against the service’s purposes or disgust other members.

  • Displeasing other users with profanity or other foul expressions.
  • Repeatedly entering multiple posts aimed at slandering a specific individual or organization.
  • Repeatedly entering posts, comments, sending memos or friend requests that include specific words or phrases.
  • Writing many posts using programs or abnormal methods that are not provided by the me2day.
  • Using the service for purposes that divert from the original purpose, such as to disclose/induce other people’s personal information or misrepresent oneself as the administrator.
  • Inflicting inconvenience to other users while they use the service.


The following restrictions can be imposed to members who have written unsuitable posts or conducted unsuitable activities.

1. Restrictions on posts

  • The unsuitable posts will be deleted.
  • The whole or part of the unsuitable posts will be hidden.
  • The unsuitable posts, or all posts will be excluded from major webpages, including the me2day homepage, search and topics.

2. Restrictions in online activities

The user will be restricted from conducting the following activities for a maximum of ninety (90) days for a single offense.

  • Writing or updating posts/tags/comments/notes.
  • Creating a “me2band”.
  • To “me2”

3. Forced withdrawal

If it is deemed that the user has subscribed to me2day for unlawful purposes, such as to write illegal posts or interfere with the proper provision of service, then the user will be provided with a one-time warning as well as being imposed with restricted activities. If the user continues to post unsuitable posts or conduct unsuitable actions, then the user will immediately lose his/her subscription and be forced to withdraw from me2day.

Application of the operational policy

This operation policy will be applied on October 26, 2011.

The translation is only a direct translation, and only the Korean edition will have the legal force.