me2day social plugin

Install me2day social plugins at your website!

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me2 button plugin

With me2day plugin, you can show your contents more easily within me2day’s sphere.

The contents will be circulated through user-friendly and multi-functional me2day posts, and you can also attach a photo or a video clip.

When someone clicks on the purple “me2” button that’s set up in your page, a small pop-up will appear which allows him/her to write a comment about it. That comment will be delivered to the user’s me2day page as well as remain on your page. Therefore, you can stream the feedbacks on your contents at once, and even view the feedbacks in your site by Comment Plugin.

Comment Plugin

If you use a Comment Plug in, you can easily add a comment tab on your website.

Also, the comment will be shown on me2day and your website, so more active interaction between users will occur.